Friday, 23 May 2014

Our knitting kits

Little Lamb knitting kits for kids.

Little knitting

Knitting with hand made knitting needles and hand dyed wool

Knitting Needles

Making some little sized knitting needles for the girls.

Hand dyed wool

Little skeins of wool the kids dyed together using a paint brush and food dye.


The kids spent the afternoon dying yarn with watercolours from food colouring.

More roving

Using our lovely local alpaca roving to make some felted balls.

More yarn

Some results from our hand painted yarn. Rainbows are lovely.

Yarn painting

George loved this activity. Painting the yarn with watercolours from food colouring.

Tree wrapping

Beautiful display of yarn bombing from our main street in Bridgetown.

Nature Pots

Charlotte made this when she was 3. A beautiful hand made bowl decorated with wattle from the garden. It is so special to me.


Making a little picture using roving from the local Alpaca farm. this is a little butterfly

Pinch Pots

Sweet hand painted little pinch pots for glitter and tiny beads.

My community

This is a little section of the community done on a small canvas.


Beautiful love heart. Hand painted, this has lasted four years without breaking.

Herb pinch pots

I love this little herb pot. Daisy joined all her little pots together to come up with this for the kitchen. Once again made with our own clay from the block. Very rough and natural.

Flower pot

This pot was made with clay from our blocks. dug out of the side of the hill, it is very textured and rustic. The girls had such fun getting really muddy, sourcing their own clay and coming up with their little creations. This is Ella's flower pot with a pretty petal inspired lid.


A little display of some of our little clay animals.

Watercolour Swirls

Lovely swirly activity with the watercolours sets. Add texture with crayon, marker pens, glitter, ripped paper. Follow the swirl or maybe make a Mandala......

Clay habitats

The girls made a house for a fairy. When it was dried they painted them with acrylic paint and displayed them in their rooms.

Portrait Tiles

Daisy came up with this wonderful idea to make a tile using the left over buttons. She then filled it in with a self portrait. Imaginative. Creative. Inspiring.

Clay animals

Charlotte used her little ball of clay to make a field mouse.

Nature Tiles

We took our baskets into the garden and looked from some natural treasures to use in our clay activity. Daisy decided to make some tiles for our new house and use the flora and fauna for impressions.

Self Portrait

Watercolour self portraits with 3 year olds

Free Play Clay

Undirected free play with clay

Watercolours with 3 year olds

Quiet time at the table with watercolours