Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Charlotte learns to knit

Charlotte had inflammation for several years. Terrible skin rashes and very sensitive to touch, sound, light. We tried everything, creams, lotions, allergy testing and nothing worked until we found a very oily steroid cream. We didn't feel that we wanted to lather her up with it each night but until we found another solution we went with it. We tried lots of diets including GAPS but found that the only way of reducing the inflammation was to reduce her grain intake. So we replaced it with vegetables, fruit, salads, eggs, fish and meat. She is so happy now. I often say to Mick, I can't believe how different she is and I feel the tears well up when I remember the nights we held her to get her to sleep and the sensitivity she had every morning when she opened her eyes. What has this got to do with knitting? Well, she can sit, quietly and knit some pretty wool together to make something lovely, which for a long time...would never have happened.Bless

Monday, 9 September 2013

Sewing for Charlotte

I have been staying up and making some kindy skirts for Charlotte. I love making scarves for her and watching her skip through the door at kindy with her colours flowing behind her

Lovely blog I have found

I haven't done a link before so here goes. This blog is so lovely and has great Waldorf style projects for little ones.Lots of ideas here and things I haven't seen before. Charlotte and George tried the fairy houses from egg cartons and loved it. Beautiful photos and sweet simple style form mostly found objects. www.daily-colours.blogspot.com

Pottery Tile

This is a lovely project and simple enough for children to do on their own. Its a basic clay tile which is rolled out and then you add your picture. I have used buttons on cork tops for the background pattern which looks nice. I seem top draw and pot in the same style. These girls show up throughout my work.

Golden Valley Tree Park

Sunday afternoon we piled into the car and headed for the Golden Valley Tree Park in Balingup. Had a picnic on the rug while the girls climbed the enormous pine trees and hunted for pine cones. We talked about turning them into door knobs for the new house. We climbed Oak Hill and collected acorn caps and watched as the girls piled sheep bones into their bskets. Do we really need all those bones? Oh, yes Mummy....Such a great afternoon.

Sunday, 8 September 2013


The kids were making little sculptures from off cuts of wood from our house build.This is what they cam up with. I was going to judge the best one but it was like choosing a favourite child. I couldn't do it....it was a draw. They had so much fun...quiet fun which on a Saturday morning...is rare.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

New Projects

September is already here so a project list is in order. I find that posting it on my blog helps keep me accountable and more inclined to tick things off. So here goes..... 1. Bind quilt 2. Finish girls shorts 3. Finish girls summer skirts 4. Shorts for George 5. Trip to Golden Tree Park 6. Finish knitted scarves for Little Lamb 7. Sew summer scarves for my sisters 8. Source beads for Knitting Needles 9. Make grain free tortillas 10.Felt balls 11.Make rabbit soft toy 12. Sew Daisy's rag doll

Thursday, 5 September 2013


Entering the Peace Art competition with the family. Here is my little painting.

Charlotte's drawings

I love to watch kids draw. So quiet, in the zone or the moment. This is one of Charlotte's drawings of girl from when she was 3. I still marvel that she can draw such interesting people.

More felting...

If your kids are new to felting, making balls is so simple and lovely. All you need is some roving and detergent in some water and layer and roll....

Little Liberty lap rug

This poor little lap rug has been waiting to be finished in a lonely basket in the corner. She needs some attention and tonight I think I may finally finish the binding.My quilts, like everything I sew, is a little bit wobbly, but sewn with love.


At sewing circle the other day, one of the girls was sewing a rag doll for her little girl and it reminded me of the one I made for Ella's 8th birthday.Daisy's birthday is just round the corner so it's time to start sewing something special for her. The hair didn't work very well but it was lots of fun especially knitting the little scarf.

Wooden Boats

We have been using old off cuts from the house build to make wooden boats. They are heavy and don't float but are fun to push around on the floor if you are small.

Pottery Tiles

A long time ago now.......three years, I did a pottery course with a local potter and learnt how to throw on a wheel which was great.I made this tile which is going somewhere in our new house. The background pattern was made from a button stuck on a piece of cork.


Now that I have moved on from fiber snobbery and embraced felting, there is roving everywhere! We have been making a felted woodland with some old branches that fell down in the storm. Mick has cut them and we use them as little houses and thing for the fairies.Ella has been making necklaces, Charlotte a nest and Daisy is making beads to string on a necklace. I love the way the kids respond to natural materials. They are so calming and interest them for hours. Peaceful.....