Monday, 23 July 2012

Menu Planning

I'm setting myself a goal to menu plan so that I feel more organised which is always a good thing as well as save on those dashes to the store and wasting of money. So if I know what is coming up for the week, I should be able to relax and know that I have everything that I need and everyone will be well fed.

Tuesday- Roast Chicken/Mashed Potato/Salad/Yohurt and Blueberry Cups with Muesli and Honey

Wednesday-Pumpkin Soup/Cheese rye Toasties/Fruit Platter

Thursday-Chicken Schnitzel/Creamy Potatoes/Peas/Banana Icecream

Friday-Baked Potatoes with Tuna and vegetables/Buckwheat Pancakes

Saturday-Asian Chicken Broth/Cheese RyeToasties/Fruit Platter

Sunday-Baked Potatoes with Tuna and Vegetables/Orange Syrup Cake

Monday-Omelettes/Salad/Orange Syrup Cake

Lets See how we go!

Lunch Box Ideas Wheat Free

Hard Boiled Eggs
Piece of Chicken
Peanut butter truffles
Cherry tomatoes
Vegetable muffins
Tuna Salad
Energy nut Slice
Orange Syrup Cake
Banana pancakes
yoghurt cups

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Orange Syrup Cake

The wheat free weekend went well. Charlottes rashes are settling down and she is not as sensitive about it. Everyone enjoyed what they ate for the most part. We had chicken and vegetables with rice noodles in a broth on Friday night, Wheat Free Pizzas last night and Tuna Salad for the girls and Eggplant lasagna for M.
The only difficult part was running out of prepared food and the girls were saying they were hungry alot. Other than that, I am pleased.xx

Orange Syrup Cake
1/2 cup sugar white
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup
1 Tb Vanilla
2/3 cup butter
1 cup LSA
1 cup Gluten Free Flour
4 eggs
Orange rind
Two Boiled oranges
Gluten Free Baking Powder

Bake and Top with Orange Syrup

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wheat Free

We have decided to try a wheat free approach to our kitchen. We have had lots of rashes and hives and tummy upsets over the years and although we've tried his approach in moderation, we've never really managed to break free. Charlottes rashes have been keeping her up through the night so maybe this will help her and us, get some more sleep.
Well, that wipes out two thirds of the pantry. All the pasta, crackers, flour, get the picture. So now that the pantry and fridge have been cleared , we can start afresh . Quite excited about going shopping tonight and getting some fresh food. I read an sweet blog entry rom a mum who gave sort of healthy snack food to her kids for dinner a few nights a week. It sort of takes the pressure off the five o'clock get dinner on the table quickly and make it a well rounded cooked meal. I think it's good to try different approaches to things. What about you?

Sunday, 8 July 2012


So after some mild excitement at the package arriving with the new course materials for Childrens Literature Narrative Theory, well, it was very dry and horribly boring. So much so that I cn't bring myself to do it. My conception of what it would be an the reality were very different. Luckily I have found a University with a mid year intake for the Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood, so if I get in with my late entry, I can sart next week. The best part is that it can be done in 6 months full time which is half the time of the other University I was considering. Super.
Very super. Not going to get too excited until I'm accepted and even then I'm only doing it part time over a year but at least I'm on my way and can look forward to a teaching position in th field that I want to be in.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

French Cooking

French cooking appears to be all about butter, cream and wine. They're your staples and then there is the celery, carrot and onion little sort of base thats at the bottom of your dishes. So, I've been practicing with a few little casseroles and they are very nice. The whole family are licking their plates clean.That has never happened, apart from Pizza night. Served with a bed of creamy mash may be helping but gosh it nice to cook something people want to eat. Im actually looking foward to trying a few more dishes. Usually I'm a baker but I'm feeling a shift happening which is probably a good thing. One day we will do our bakery tour of Paris and look back to the pretend chocolate croissants we used to make and smile.


Swimming. Today we are going swimming. Four children and me. None of whom can swim, apart from me that is. So legistically it requires planning. First finding the towels in the midst of winter is a challange but they are folded, packed and ready to go. Found the bathers and the goggles. 25 minute drive....snacks. After school so everyone will be hungry. Tick. Large tupperware container and filled with fruit and popcorn and muslie bars.We can do it. The plan is to get into the swing of it in time for the week so we can have lots of fun swimming together and maybe even mini master a stroke or at least float.