Sunday, 20 May 2012

Isn't Bridgetown pretty. Here is a view from our back door. The sheep are self fleecing and their wool just falls to the ground. I'm not sure what they are called but mabye they are English?

Local Preserves

Always on the lookout for a good chutney. This one is a Fiery Tomato Chutney from Sunnyhurst Winery. For a long time, their Red Pepper Chilli Jam was my favourite but the other day when I went up with my family from Perth to get some, they didn't have any! So we settled for the Fiery Tomato Chutney and I have to say it's only slightly behind the Jam. Very deliscious and at $7.50 a jar, a slight splurge, but affordable and a nice treat.

Chook Shed Architecture

For a long time I have been fascinated with chook Sheds. Its been a quite love affair but a lingering one. I have no idea where it has come from. I just love the idea of a little home for chickens, somewhere they can call their own. I love that each one is completely unique and a reflection of their owner for the most part. So I am having a photographic exhibition of Chook Shed Architecture in the Blackwood Valley. I'm toying with the idea of potographing them myself in Black and White. I think it will be a fun project. I'm going to have the exhibition at Pips Pottery and Tea House in Bridgetown and there will be an accompanying narrative. I'm in the process of applying for a grant and tomorrow I'm going to shoot my first chook house. Have a it.

Favourite Sites

This another one of my favourites. Her photo's are so pretty and light and inspiring. Her parents were bakers so she has had a great start in the kitchen. Imagine growing up in a cake shop ........

Wholesome Food

This is one of my favourite sites. I love the way builds her life round food.

Nature Resere

Today we went for a picnic at the nature resere. The girls swung off the Willow Tree and went on little walk trails through the bush. There is a bike path that weaves its way through the reserve so had a great time on their scooters. We topped the day off with lunch on the grass. How lovely to have this reseve right in the middle of our pretty little town.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

What will my blog be about.......

One of the many lovely things about Bridgetown is the market that we have every fortnight by the river. Today the girls dug through their old toys in the hope of finding something to sell next weekend. They want to have a shop. So weather permitting, I will bake some biscuits and they will lay out a blanket with their old treasures.
Maybe this blog can highlight the lovely food, farms, orchards, walking trails around Bridgetown. Part of me feels very shy sharing things about my family and my day. I still want to have a blog though so maybe that could be it.

Friday, 18 May 2012


This afternoon I painted whilst the kids tottered around under this large old school desk I have. It is from New Zealand and is just the right height. They can play underneath like  cubby while I paint away.
It's a painting of a girl and a dove. There is a painting by Picasso, I think it's called Girl and a Dove.
Anyway, subject matter is the same.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Welcome to my blog. We live in Bridgetown in the South West of Western Australia and we have a little orchard that we have started on our property. It is small but one day it will be lovely and I hope that it will provided lots of memories for our family. I thought that through this blog I could share my love of my family, wholefood cooking, baking, gardening, painting and writing.
Here are some photo's of some hand made swings at our house.