Saturday, 2 June 2012

Art Play Clay

So I've been thinking about the little kinderclay programme I want to run and now it's expanded. Well this idea has been in my mind for a few years so maybe if I write about it, the idea may happen.
So, I wanted to have a retail space, little shopfront where children can do drop in classes or structured 10 week programmes centred around art. We would have little art exhibitions and creative people come and visit like childrens writers who could do book signings and sweet things like that. Children could display their work. There would be materials for sale lke cool books and chuny pencils and kraft paper and all those lovely things we need. So that is the idea. So how can I do it. Well not having any experience in retail other than the odd market it all feels a bit well scary. The shop would be clean and modern and pretty with little wooden furniture and some lounge cushions and little baskets of materials everywhere. lovely....

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