Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Charlotte learns to knit

Charlotte had inflammation for several years. Terrible skin rashes and very sensitive to touch, sound, light. We tried everything, creams, lotions, allergy testing and nothing worked until we found a very oily steroid cream. We didn't feel that we wanted to lather her up with it each night but until we found another solution we went with it. We tried lots of diets including GAPS but found that the only way of reducing the inflammation was to reduce her grain intake. So we replaced it with vegetables, fruit, salads, eggs, fish and meat. She is so happy now. I often say to Mick, I can't believe how different she is and I feel the tears well up when I remember the nights we held her to get her to sleep and the sensitivity she had every morning when she opened her eyes. What has this got to do with knitting? Well, she can sit, quietly and knit some pretty wool together to make something lovely, which for a long time...would never have happened.Bless

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