Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wheat Free

We have decided to try a wheat free approach to our kitchen. We have had lots of rashes and hives and tummy upsets over the years and although we've tried his approach in moderation, we've never really managed to break free. Charlottes rashes have been keeping her up through the night so maybe this will help her and us, get some more sleep.
Well, that wipes out two thirds of the pantry. All the pasta, crackers, flour, get the picture. So now that the pantry and fridge have been cleared , we can start afresh . Quite excited about going shopping tonight and getting some fresh food. I read an sweet blog entry rom a mum who gave sort of healthy snack food to her kids for dinner a few nights a week. It sort of takes the pressure off the five o'clock get dinner on the table quickly and make it a well rounded cooked meal. I think it's good to try different approaches to things. What about you?

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