Friday, 26 July 2013

August Project List

At the moment I'm trying to have a project list that is value drive so I use my time to do things that are enriching. As opposed to lots of projects, they are small but meaningful.

Finish Georges jumper- Progressing....
Knit squares for Daisy's blanket
Bake mini friands and freeze
Make herb butter
Plan chicken run-Decided on design and area
Make guinea pig hutch- Finished
Plan Etsy Shop-Finished
Jam project with the girls-Sourced jars
Bind Liberty quilt
Buy clay for the girls-Bought
Make cushions for the cottage
Manure for garden
Mulch for garden
Finish path
Find BBQ area for stone fire pit-Had our first BBQ at the cottage
Paint cupboard and attach handles
Source knobs for dresser

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