Monday, 29 July 2013

Little Lamb

I have started a little ETSY and MADEIT shop. Yippee. It is called Little Lamb and will sell knitting and crochet kits for beginners/kids. I have ordered the materials for the kit and now I'm waiting for them to arrive, packaging, labelling and seeing if it looks the way I envisaged.   I'm excited about having a new hobby and sharing  it with the girls.
I will be using hand dyed yarn and promoting local wool. That's the plan.
Now I'm looking for a little pattern for to include.

As we are all beginner knitters it will be something fun for all of us.
We have already learnt some new terms like mini skein, spindle, roving...
Maybe I could include some of this in the kit.......sort of educational too?
Sheep outside our window

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