Thursday, 11 July 2013

Grain Free

We are trying to adapt to a healthier lifestyle in our family. So I thought I might keep track of the recipes we're trying  and keep  a journal of what works.

What worked today

Getting the kids involved
The girls got up early made a garden salad and a fruit salad. They loved using the melon baller and squeezing lemon juice on the fruit salad to keep it fresh. They served it for morning tea and it was delicious and quite sweet with the little shapes they had made from the melon baller.

We are serving our Greek yoghurt in small bowls with blueberries and honey. Just  small amount of yoghurt, one large tablespoon seems to satisfy them and is  healthy sweet snack.

Routine Foods
Having routine go to healthy food that they recognise is comforting for us all.

Chocolate Truffles
1 cup coconut
20 dates softened
half  cup cocoa
1 tb coconut oil

Roll into teaspoon size balls and roll into coconut.

The kids only need one of these and it is  sweet little bite on the run

Baby Carrots
Having small  carrots in  little basket is something they like and its  a vegetable!

Cauliflower Rice
We had a sit down lunch with vegetables, tuna, cauliflower rice and cheese. Such  healthy lunch and the not only ate it....they also enjoyed it. Not always the case but such  a bonus for a basic cook like myself. Next time I will try and sneak in some avocado and sesame seeds......


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