Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Lunch sacks

We have been making a big effort to get rid of some plastic in our house. It appears to be never ending...Lunch boxes, plastic toys, plastic bags, plastic toothbrushes. I was reading a good book about plastic and a lady wrote down everything in her house that had plastic in it. Frightening. So, I made a tupperware mountain and threw it all out. Well, I left it by the outside bin and I threw out 80 percent of it. Anyway, I have made the girls some cotton lunch sacks and snack bags in the Japanese triangle bag style.They have been so cool about not having a plastic lunch box and really seem to like them. I really get a kick out of filling them up so will post a few photos. It makes me look forward to packing their lunch. Next step is to get them some fabric they like. I saw some really lovely linen bowl covers in the 101 cookbooks shop. May try to make some on the weekend.

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