Sunday, 4 August 2013

Simple Grain Free Tips

Changing your diet can be hard. Especially after eating a certain way for such a long time, maybe even since childhood. Changing your ways can feel....isolating at first. However when you start to feel better, behave in a better way and look better, it gets easier. I remember back when gluten free was 'different', now its very mainstream and readily available in supermarkets and on the go. It won't be long before grain free hits the shelves. Sometimes its hard to go into a supermarket and find you can't eat 70% of what is on the shelves! I love eating this way now and don't see myself going back in the near future. The kids eczema has gone, the tummy aches, irritability and the constant hunger that comes with too much wheat and sugar. Now we have a lovely network of local people who eat this way too and its nice to share notes. Here are some of my tips. 1.Introduce change gradually. Maybe start by eliminating processed foods that aren't healthy. Take pride in small changes. 2.Make sure you get enough good fat with avocado, coconut oil, nuts and seeds. We use butter too. 3. Buy a food processor.Our kids found chunky vegetables too hard so we use the processor to make great mixes which we use for salad and sauces. We also use it for dips and icecream. 4. Icecream in our house is frozen banana with cocoa or blue berries or seasonal fruit. We also use Greek Yoghurt as a base too.

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