Saturday, 10 August 2013

Rescue Chickens

We have some new chickens. They have been rescued from a commercial barn laying setup and are 60 weeks old. They came cram packed in a dusty old truck....about 10 to a very small cage. When the man gave them to us he held them upside down by their legs and then dropped them on their heads in a box. My poor children watched as their new pets were treated like no one loved them. One of the chickens has lots of feathers guess is stress. It has been good in a way because the girls wanted to send back the ugly chicken and we talked about acceptance and having a good heart and that the chicken probably had a beautiful heart and we shouldn't...judge a chicken by her feathers..... We already had a chicken, Pecky, very loved and pretty with black and green feathers. These girls are Highlines and large and well ..we just all need to get used to each other.Day two today and they are all in their new lovely hutch and seem like they are becoming friends.

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